Our Services

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  • Project + Account Management
  • Technical Design
  • Innovative Technology
  • Workplace Strategy Services
  • Dedicated Ancillary Specialist
  • Project Planning + Coordination
  • Configuration + Product Idea Starters
  • Photo Realistic Renderings
  • Architectural Products
  • Day One & Beyond
  • Finish Specs + Standards Books
  • LEED + WELL Building Consulting
  • Competitive Pricing Contracts
  • Customer Experience Centers + Tours
  • Product Training
  • Ergonomic Assessment + Training
  • Industry Knowledge + Research
  • Intermarket Resources
  • Complete Service Department + Warehouses
  • Custom Furniture Department

A Streamlined, Seamless Experience that
Addresses Today's Challenges

Interior space planning and procurement have become more complex, time consuming and frustrating. You're dealing with new expectations, rapid change, an explosion of options and multiple players. PeopleSpace expertly addresses these industry issues with a proven process, a single point of contact and seamless simplicity.

Warehouse Services

  • COVID Disinfection
  • Delivery + Installation
  • Moving Services
  • Asset Management + Warehousing
  • Project Management
  • Asset Disposal + Recycling
  • Warranty Services
  • Storage
  • Relocation, Churn + Move Management
  • Refurbishment
  • Rental Furniture
  • Leasing
  • Used Furniture
  • Cleaning Service Contracts
  • Demos
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Training Support
  • Furniture Maintenance + Repairs

Our tried-and-true operation model led by our seasoned experts allow us to scale or contract with ease.

  • Experience

    Our team is certified, in-house and extremely experienced with qualified individuals.

  • Distribution Footprint

    We have two warehouse/operations centers (WA and CA) and 12 moving trucks to receive, store, stage and move inventory.

  • Nationwide & Global Installation Network

    We’ve vetted 89 Installation Partners to provide the same quality execution no matter the location.

  • Fast Accurate Installation

    Our lean principles allow our teams to quickly and effectively navigate complex installations with ease. And our Quality Assurance "white glove" specialists ensure the project is 100% complete and that you are 100% satisfied.

  • Transparency

    Our online portal gives you 24/7 visibility into your project. Know where product is and when its coming to the jobsite.

Technology & Communication

We have invested in cutting edge technology tools and software that give you the freedom to create, collaborate, and communicate effectively and securely in the digital world no matter your location.

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This virtual workspace lets us seamlessly share content allowing us to meet, design, and develop ideas in real time, securely sharing regardless of where you are located


With Ceros, we can create your own interactive website that keeps you informed and up to date on your project. From the initial presentation to the final handoff, it transforms your experience into your story.


An augmented reality platform that magically overlays our product solutions into your own space and environment, transforming static product images into a 3D experiences.


The industry’s go-to virtual library that provides designers a database of resources with more than 200 contract furniture manufacturers allowing our teams to source, collaborate, price, and research products by manufacturer, category, or type of product


An all-in-one software solution for space planning, design and the configuration of products and renderings. Live Design is a real-time visual interface that makes it easy to make changes, and experiment with ideas together on the fly


A unified business management suite that allows access to all furniture orders in real- time, giving you full transparency to valuable data, order information, schedules and includes the ability for customized reports


Construction productivity software that allows real time access to floorplans, field markups, punch lists, daily reports and even progress photos so that our project teams can work more efficiently


An end-to-end furniture lifecycle management system that also ties directly into our NetSuite® System to give real time data on all of your furniture assets


Manage electronic agreements and electronically sign contracts, POs & approve designs anywhere securely

Complex science, but it’s really all about people.

Ergonomics is a complex science, but it’s really all about people. When your body is physically supported in the right way at work, it provides benefits for your overall well-being positively impacting everything from physical health and work performance to happiness, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Providing ergonomic workspaces that fit each user can help people work safely and effectively. In addition, a well designed work environment that supports ergonomics helps reduce days lost to injuries and illness. Therefore, saving your organization time and money.


Characteristics of a space that encourage certain behaviors

Affordances are the characteristics of a space that encourge certain behaviors. A well-designed workspace participates in enabling optional human performances-cognitively, emotionally, and physically.

When applied effectively, they help create the conditions that support well-being, allow people to do their best work, and enhance the workplace experience.


Creating an integrated design that is agile and flexible to keep up with your business as it grows—allowing for an open office environment that enhances communication and fosters collaboration. We understand the association between organization, environment & workplace cultures and how it affects productive outcomes. And as your company evolves, we will continue to be here for you as your trusted and valued partner.

With an Integrated Palette and the kit of parts, every product that sits on the floor is designed to interconnect, share finishes and components and ultimately leave the end-user with a flexible platform that makes moves/adds or changes easy and cost-effective while creating little to no waste!

This translates into both savings and sustainability.



As partners with Haworth, we create shared value across everything we do. Our approach is rooted in our Values and supports the people, communities, and planet that we serve. We craft each distinct Organic Workspace with this idea in mind, helping your team perform their best – with minimal impact to our planet.

Our Commitments

We think beyond our business with a collective purpose to make the world better. In our journey to becoming a sustainable corporation, we’ve set ambitious targets.

  • WELL & LEED Standards

    Our Customer Experience Centers and workspace reflects well-being. We were awarded the first contract dealership in California to be LEED certified. In addition to sustainability, our team of designers focus on human health and wellness within their design process. Backed by research on how environments affect people cognitively, emotionally, and physically.

  • People & Community

    By working with Haworth we empower our 7,000+ members around the world to connect and bring a spirit of optimism, drive, inclusiveness, and appreciation for service.We recognize that our success is intrinsically linked to the health and vitality of the communities where we live and work. It is an honor and privilege to apply the assets, capabilities, and resources that help make us successful to efforts that help communities thrive

  • Circular Economoy

    A circular economy optimizes continual use of resources, reducing waste, and enabling a closed loop system. It is one of the biggest opportunities to design a sustainable future – and an essential part of our strategy

  • Operational Performance

    As we focus on improving our global footprint, manufacturing and environmental responsibility are not trade-offs – neither are profit and people. We continue to seek opportunities to address the environmental impact of our business in all facets of our operations

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